How does Loved Ones Support work?

We recognize that there are really 2 aspects to learning how to use a computer.

  1. Learning how to interact with the menus, icons, and other elements of the user interface.
  2. Learning to explore and find things on the internet that you find compelling.

We’ve spent a lot of effort to try and make the first as easy to learn as possible. The second, well……. that’s a bit harder for us. It’s something that’s better left to those people who know and love you.

And that’s what Loved Ones Support is all about. It’s a tool that allows your loved ones to help you get the most out of your WatermelonPC because after all, that’s the whole point of having the the computer.

This tool can be used by anyone that you trust, regardless of where they are in the world. It won’t need any sort of advanced computer knowledge, just an ordinary comfort in using things on the internet. There are 2 main features of this tool:

Website Suggestions

Your loved ones can suggest websites that they think you’ll like. So instead of having to search for everything, the websites that are most meaningful to you are right at your fingertips.

Desktop Access

Your loved ones will be able to view the desktop of your computer from anywhere in the world (with your permission, of course). This means that when you get stuck or don’t understand something, they can look at exactly what you see and (hopefully!) be able to help you.

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