Is WatermelonPC a regular computer?

Yes it is.

However, there are several things that a Windows or Mac computer have that you won’t find on WatermelonPC. There’s no file system. There’s no word processor. The latest first-person shooter game is not supported. You can’t install any new software.

WatermelonPC is a browser-centric computer. It’s meant to be used to explore the web with a browser. You can still edit documents and watch movies on Netflix and most anything else that people do on computers. You’ll just be editing those documents online and not in Microsoft Word.

We made this very important design decision for 2 reasons:

  1. Providing many different software packages is very confusing to our target users. The more things there are to use, the more things there are that need to be mastered. By restricting everything to go through the browser, our users become proficient very quickly. And frankly, there’s really nothing that these users need that can’t be done through a browser.
  2. Limiting the things that the WatermelonPC can do allows us to lock things down. This is the critical step to creating a maintenance-free computer. No more misconfigured software, no more strange problems that no one can track down, and most importantly, there is no place for malware to run and hide.

By having these limitations we’re able to create a very stable computer that’s extremely reliable. Our users have not noticed nor minded the fact that certain things aren’t there.

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