How does WatermelonPC deal with the dreaded “The Internet Stopped Working” problem?

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to use your computer, only to find that it’s not working because of a problem.

What could have gone wrong?

  • Wifi interference?
  • A bad cable?
  • Misconfigured software?
  • A problem at the ISP?
  • or worse… A virus or other malware

We’ve all been there. What do you do? Try to fix it yourself or call in some expensive “Tech Support Service”? Either way, you’re in for a big hassle.

This is where WatermelonPC excels. When there’s a problem connecting to the internet, instead of just showing you a meaningless error message, WatermelonPC will run a battery of diagnostic tests to see what’s working and what isn’t. It then uses a proprietary algorithm to determine the most likely cause of the problem and provides easy to understand actions to help fix it.

If WatermelonPC determines that the problem is caused by your ISP, it will show you who to call and provide you with a list of things to tell the customer service representative to help them fix the problem as quickly as possible.

WatermelonPC can save you from costly “tech support” visits to your home as well as those frustratingly long phone conversations with customer support that no one wants.

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