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Computers for seniors

No, and novice computer user can benefit from WatermelonPC.

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Many studies have shown that seniors benefit tremendously from access to technology. Using computers enable them to easily

  • Communicate with their loved ones
  • Videochat with people who live far away
  • Stay abreast of current events
  • Access health information
  • Enjoy entertainment and games
  • Combat loneliness and find community
  • Explore new interests … and more!

Unfortunately, there’s often an enormous hurdle to get over when seniors begin to learn how to use computers. They often find that too many choices, small print and incomprehensible errors are too overwhelming and give up before they even begin.

WatermelonPC was designed to address these issues and make using the computer an enjoyable activity. What’s more, WatermelonPC provides tools to the user’s loved ones to enable them to help them get the most out of their computer. We believe that this is a major benefit of using WatermelonPC.

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