While the WatermelonPC has many features, there are four unique features that differentiate WatermelonPC from other computers, making it the best desktop for seniors.

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Maintenance Free

An important feature of WatermelonPC: No maintenance

Unlike other computers, the WatermelonPC requires no maintenance. This frees you from the mundane and expensive maintenance tasks required with other computers, such as:

  • Backups: WatermelonPC never needs to be backed up. If you ever encounter a system-wide failure of the system (e.g. an unrecoverable hardware failure), a replacement system can be configured and running almost immediately.
  • Updates: The software inside the WatermelonPC is updated often with new functionality and security updates. These updates happen automatically, so there’s nothing for you to do.
  • Anti-Virus: Most other computers require you to install, run, and monitor anti-virus software to stay safe from malware on the internet. Protection from viruses is built directly into WatermelonPC’s design.

Virus-Free Guarantee

An important feature of WatermelonPC: The Virus Free Guarantee

In its 2020 State of Malware Report, Malwarebytes Labs reports that it found almost 41 million consumer computers infected with viruses. And that’s only counting the viruses that it found!

Computer viruses are incredibly annoying and can be very costly. They’re responsible for everything from identity theft to large ransoms being demanded to unlock stolen data. Anti-virus software is effective, but it will never completely protect you. And, it’s a real hassle to maintain.

WatermelonPC takes a completely different approach. It’s “locked down” so that viruses have no place to hide.

We’re so sure of WatermelonPC’s ability to keep viruses away, that we’re willing to say:

If your WatermelonPC ever becomes infected with a virus, we will fix it at no charge to you.

Loved Ones Portal

An important feature of WatermelonPC: Loved Ones Portal

Is there anything more frustrating than when your computer stops working? What will you do? Who will you call?

For many of us the answer is to call your computer whiz. Many people have them – it’s usually a loved one who’s good with computers. This person could be your son, a niece, or even a friendly neighbor.

But here’s the truth: your computer whiz dreads getting the “The computer stopped working again” call. Computer whizzes know that sometimes even the simplest problems aren’t so simple once you start digging.

WatermelonPC turns that conversation completely around. Because WatermelonPC is a completely maintenance-free computer, it rarely has the show-stopping problems that can occur with conventional computers. So instead of those “The computer stopped working again” conversations, you can have more enjoyable conversations about your computer such as “How can I find some gardening tips online” or “What do I need to do to watch the game?”.

And that’s where WatermelonPC excels. It provides exclusive tools to allow your loved ones, those who know you the best, to help you get the most out of your WatermelonPC. These tools can be used from anywhere in the world and don’t require any sort of special training. Anyone can use them.

So what sorts of things can you do from the Loved Ones Portal?

  • Manage browser bookmarks to make navigation easier and allow you to help direct your loved one to topics and websites that will be of interest to them.
  • View their desktop (with permission, of course!) to help them understand things when they become stuck.
  • Upload and organize pictures for them so that they’ll always have a place to see the people and things they love.
  • Organize their calendars and alerts for events such as doctors appointments, family gatherings, and medication times.

Designed for Seniors

An important feature of WatermelonPC: a computer that's designed for seniors

Today’s Windows and Mac computers are technical marvels capable of so many things. But they’re also incredibly complex and require a lot of patience to become proficient in their use. Starting someone off using such a system is kind of like putting a new pilot into an advanced jet fighter. But no one would ever think of doing that – they’d start a new pilot off in a plane like a single-engine Cessna, something with fewer controls and not so many dials and switches as that jet.

That’s our philosophy while designing the user interface of WatermelonPC. We want to provide all of that power that the internet is capable of, but with a simpler interface that can be learned and mastered quickly so that it can deliver internet for seniors.

We took many design decisions from the early days of the internet when we were all novices at it. Our designs have been tested and improved by working with real people just like you who’ve shown us what works and what doesn’t work. While we’ll always be improving our product, we believe that’s we’ve built a pretty easy-to-use system.

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